Virginity for Valentine’s Day // Reigniting The High Of Love // Lesbian Cuckolding

A girl wants to give her boyfriend her virginity for Valentine’s Day. A woman wants advice on how to reignite the feeling of being newly in love after six years of marriage. And a lesbian is tormented by her cuckold fantasy. Ms. M. gets personal with giving head on a plane and tranny sex.


Extended opening hours, fun prizes, cotton-candy cocktails and more!

Immortalize Your Member

…or any other lovely body part you please with 3D personalized sex toy scanning. Just in time for Valentine’s Day!

What Are You Wearing For Valentine’s Day?

Screw Roses tees are now available for $25 at the museum store.

Screw Roses. Do Shots.

Explore aphrodisiacs from over 3,000 years of human tradition, and discover which ones dothe trick for you and your lover.
Featuring some special Valentine’s Day cocktails including Get Laid (Mixed Berries, Basil and Ty Ku Sake), Spank Me (Bulldog Gin, Aperol, Roi Rene Rouge Cherry Liqueur) and My Slutty Valentine (Prosecco, Mathilde Raspberry, Royal Combier).