Meet Heather Marie Scholl: Artist, Activist, & Cultural Catalyst

“Sexuality … and creativity are always intertwined … let yourself learn and be inspired by everything, to find ways that quiet your judgmental mind and just do. It is impossible to know how to integrate your creativity, your sexuality, and all the other parts of you until you start trying things. Some things will feel right, others wont. You will never start off with perfect skill, these things take time and practice.” -Heather Marie Scholl, Artist

Video Exclusive: Ms. M. Interviews Sex-Positive Artist Boyfriend

“All because you couldn’t make me cum like my hand did.”

OMG Becky, Look At His Cock!

Kick start your weekend with some serious laughs with this new music video by Lil Dicky.

Healing Through Love: The Only Way Out Is Through

“The only way out is through.” -Dr. Erica Goodstone on healing relationships.

DOM-estic Violence by TRPL BLK, MoSex Video Premiere Exclusive

MoSex Exclusive Premiere of TRPL BLK’S steamy hot new music video, DOMestic Violence.