Intimacy: The Hottest Play In Town

Conversations with Ms. M: The title lives up to its name, pushing the envelope in every way possible. There’s death, sex, full nudity, masturbation, love, heartbreak, lust, marriage, religion, loads (pun intended) of porn, and a even a character who takes a dump on stage and asks his wife to analyze it.

Dropping Spaghetti: Horrifying Masturbation Stories Edition

I bring you hilarity from the deepest (though not darkest) recesses of the internet – 4chan. “Horror” stories about masturbation gone wrong – real stories from real (anonymous) people about the horrible and hilarious side of masturbation.

Like My Hand Did

A woman beats up her boyfriend over bad sex. Another wants to know why guys ask, “Did you cum?” and whether or not she should lie about it. And a new single out by Boyfriend, who is frustrated he couldn’t make her cum like her hand did. Oh, and a late Happy Thanksgiving! Ms. M. hopes you gobbled up a lot more than just turkey!

TENGA x Keith Haring

We’ve always been fans of Japan-based TENGA’s art-centric male pleasure items (a.k.a masturbation sleeves) and we’re thrilled to announce their collaboration with The Keith Haring Foundation! TENGA is proud to be the first brand in this category to bring forward a collaboration with such a recognized and celebrated artist. They’ve selected five of Haring’s iconic artworks for integration into the packaging and design of their CUP and EGG series.

Orgasm: It’s All In Your Head

There are even some lucky individuals who are able to “think off” – simply sit back, relax and think themselves into an orgasm. I have one such lucky friend. A straitlaced corporate attorney, she tells me that she often “thinks off” to get through long, boring conference calls. She simply uses her noggin, setting off a series of top-down processes in the brain, that result in the big O with no one being the wiser.