Orgasm Wars (NSFW)

We bring to you Japan’s Orgasm Wars!

Transgendered Feminism // THIS BOY IS A BOTTOM

The connotation of feminism is taint-ed. It should represent equality for ALL. Plus, a new awesomely hilarious video by Willam Belli: THAT BOY IS A BOTTOM … and his ass is medium rare!

The ABC’s of Kinky Sex

Learn the ABC’s of Kinky Sex with a cartoon video montage. “D is for my dildo that you will learn to blow. E is for enema, I control the flow.”

Men Who Shame Women, Sexuality, Parenting, and Bukkake

“Darling, I can look at tranny or midget porn and feel my clit swell sometimes. Aint no thang! … Girrrrrrrrl, I hope you like facials … and not the kind from Elizabeth Arden.” -Ms. M.

Count Me Out: National Coming Out Day 2011

This year, National Coming Out Day takes on particular poignancy in light of a preponderance of anti-gay bullying incidents that have most recently led to suicide in the case of teenager Jamey Rodemeyer. According to some shocking 2009-2010 data from GLSEN, lesbian, gay and bisexual youth are at a four times higher risk for suicide […]