Wide Open Wednesday

Join us at the Museum bar every first Wednesday of the month at 6pm for an open mic where the theme is always SEX. If you’re shy, you can just sit back and enjoy some of NYC’s finest talent while you sip on our aphrodisiac specialty cocktails.

What’s Your Guilty Pleasure?

From chocolates to naughty toys, let go, indulge and leave the guilt at home. The ENTIRE museum will be open for you to explore. Featuring some of New York’s hottest brands and music by Valissa Yoe This is a DO NOT MISS event.

Nevada Rose: Inside the American Brothel

The state of Nevada is home to the country’s only legal brothel industry. While legalized prostitution is often an industry considered undesirable by many, it’s important to the economic survival of the communities where it’s legal and harbors deep roots in the history and settlement of the American West. Nevada Rose, the first book of […]

Lovers From The Hereafter

Passionately intertwined skeletons created by French sculptor Jean-Marc Laroche will be on display at MoSex beginning October 5, 2011. The installation, titled “Les Amants du Néant” or “Lovers from the Hereafter,” will include human-sized sculptures made of varnished resin supported by an invisible steel framework. “By showcasing the artistry of the human skeleton we are […]

TASCHEN Cougar Party This Thursday

A cougar, as defined by the Urban Dictionary, is “A 35+ year old female who is on the hunt for a much younger, energetic, willing-to-do-anything male.” Join Liz Earls – Days of the Cougar photographer, author and sexual adventurer – and Dian Hanson, Taschen Sexy Book editor and author for a discussion of the ever […]