An Affair to Remember: What Happens in Couples After Someone Cheats (Part Three)

We’ve already looked at two types of couples that, for better or worse, remain together after affairs, but for some partners, the affair becomes a transformational experience and catalyst for renewal and change. This outcome illustrates that therapy has the potential to help couples reinvent their marriage by mining the resilience and resourcefulness each partner brings to the table.

An Affair To Remember: What Happens in Couples After Someone Cheats? (Part Two)

Last time, we looked at couples stuck in the past after extramarital affairs. Now, we explore partners who remain together and can move past the infidelity, but don’t necessarily transcend it.

An Affair To Remember: What Happens In Couples After Someone Cheats? (Part One)

Couples therapists typically have no idea what really happens after an affair. We regularly help partners recover from their immediate crisis, but what happens to them after they leave therapy?

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