The Final Member

In collaboration with Drafthouse Films, we are proud to present a preview screening of THE FINAL MEMBER, a fascinating new documentary about Iceland's Phallus museum

Nitehawk Naughties Continues

“Come heed my word! I had a vision! My name is Sarah Jane Butler and I was sent by the Good Lord himself to rid the world of pleasurable sex!”

Audio Smut

Audio Smut is a radio that delivers honest and emotionally engaging stories to educate and initiate public discourse about gender, sex, and relationships from a sex-positive, queer, and feminist perspective. We are thrilled to bring their first contribution to the MoSex blog

Are Haptic Sex Toys Sparking a New Form of Prostitution?

Jenna Owsianik (@JennaOw) writes about how technology is blurring the lines between porn and prostitution in this post from, republished with her permission.

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Petra Collins On Censorship And The Female Body

I wasn’t shocked at the reaction I received from my t-shirt. I’m used to being told by society that I must regulate my body to fit the norm.

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La Soirée Is Coming To NYC

LA SOIRÉE is a theatrical phenomenon–the little show with a big heart that’s seduced audiences around the world from London to Paris, Chicago to Sydney.

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How To Examine Your Balls: The Importance of Testicular Health

Guys, it’s important to examine your testicles regularly. This video, courageously brought to you by the players of an Australian rugby team, will teach you how in a fun and humorous way. Go nuts!

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Porn Map USA

You’re not the only one searching for creampie and hentai. Pornhub has gone ahead and collected search data about the country’s porn habits, making us privy to each individual states’ top three search terms as well as the duration of an individual’s visit to that particular corner of the internet… What did we learn? New Yorkers prefer […]

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What activists who care about the Russia Olympics should learn from sex workers, and why

This guest post, The emergency of everyday life: What activists who care about the Russia Olympics should learn from sex workers, and why, was published on September 14 in A Paper Bird and is republished with permission from the author:

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