The Final Member

In collaboration with Drafthouse Films, we are proud to present a preview screening of THE FINAL MEMBER, a fascinating new documentary about Iceland's Phallus museum

Nitehawk Naughties Continues

“Come heed my word! I had a vision! My name is Sarah Jane Butler and I was sent by the Good Lord himself to rid the world of pleasurable sex!”

Audio Smut

Audio Smut is a radio that delivers honest and emotionally engaging stories to educate and initiate public discourse about gender, sex, and relationships from a sex-positive, queer, and feminist perspective. We are thrilled to bring their first contribution to the MoSex blog

Are Haptic Sex Toys Sparking a New Form of Prostitution?

Jenna Owsianik (@JennaOw) writes about how technology is blurring the lines between porn and prostitution in this post from, republished with her permission.

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Orgasm: It’s All In Your Head

There are even some lucky individuals who are able to “think off” – simply sit back, relax and think themselves into an orgasm. I have one such lucky friend. A straitlaced corporate attorney, she tells me that she often “thinks off” to get through long, boring conference calls. She simply uses her noggin, setting off a series of top-down processes in the brain, that result in the big O with no one being the wiser.

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Sexy Funky Castle Rock in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro’s new police forces may have shut down the famed funk parties in Vidigal and Rocinha, but the Sunday night funk party in Rio das Pedras has been going hard for years.

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The Pages of Sin — a brief history of prostitute guidebooks

I just wrote an essay for the New York Times on the history of prostitute guidebooks through various “golden ages” of sin, from Renaissance Venice to Georgian London, belle époque Paris and pre-WW1 New Orleans.

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Tell Mom of Step-dad’s Homo-Affair? Mystery Bumps on Boyfriend’s Cock? Prostate Massage = Gay?

Does her bf have an STD? Does enjoying prostate massage mean he’s gay? Does he tell his mom his step-dad is having a homo-affair?

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Crazy Horse Ticket Giveaway!

Ooh-la-la! Enter to win 2 tickets to Frederick Wiseman’s new Crazy Horse documentary + autographed limited edition movie poster.

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