Celebrate International Fisting Day!

Today, Friday October 21, 2011 is International Fisting Day. Why don’t you stay in and celebrate with your nearest and dearest? (Bring plenty of lube!) With thanks to Lenny Smith.

I’ve Got a Crush On You

The self-described “Crush Freaks” get off on the idea of powerful feet, shoes or boots stepping on objects such as cigarettes, balloons, or teddy bears. These “victims” are often stand-ins for the fetishist himself, who desires to experience the intense sense of pressure and blissful annihilation by his fetish object. A minority of Crush Freaks […]

Let’s Pretend

In the KINKS exhibition, I covered only a small section of the world of transformation fantasies – people who become aroused at imagining themselves turned into something or someone OTHER. Men pretending to be women, adults dressing up and playing as babies, humans turning into ponies or puppies all in the name of erotic play. […]

I Think I’m Gonna Pop!

Imagine the yummy body-odor-like smell of the latex, the buildup of pressure on the thin walls of the balloon, the anxiety growing as you wonder… will it pop now? will I flinch at the noise? Am I ready? Balloon fans, or looners, enjoy watching a woman or man orally inflate (fellate?) a balloon to the […]

Not In Your Butt!

In honor of Ducky Doolittle’s appearance tonight at MOSEX I bring you her excellent short lecture about things found in people’s butts. Use butt toys, people, they’re made for your butt!