A Persistent Office Mate // A Suffering Soul // Sex Addiction

From a persistent office mate to sex addiction to a suffering soul, Ms. M. gets real with honest and loving advice.

How To Examine Your Balls: The Importance of Testicular Health

Guys, it’s important to examine your testicles regularly. This video, courageously brought to you by the players of an Australian rugby team, will teach you how in a fun and humorous way. Go nuts!

Happy World Sexual Health Day

Sexual rights are vital and fundamental to sexual health as well as universal human rights. Ms. M. shares the Declaration of Sexual Rights in honor of World Sexual Health Day, to promote a healthier collective sexuality for society overall.

Blurred Lines: Thicke Dick and A Parody

Ms. M. discusses her mixed feelings of Blurred Lines, meets Robin Thicke, speculates he does indeed have a big dick, and asks T.I. if he wants her to tear HIS ass in two. Then she chimes in on the new parody which leaves her left feeling unsatisfied.

If My Vagina Was A Gun

Katie Heim reads her poem, If My Vagina Were A Gun, to the Texas senate committee hearing in protest to their latest restrictive abortion bill. Ms. M. chimes in: “If only men and the leaders of this country revered, respected, and adored women the way they do their guns, we would surely have a happier nation of wives, mothers, and daughters — and guys, you would probably be getting a lot more blow jobs because of it.”