DOM-estic Violence by TRPL BLK, MoSex Video Premiere Exclusive

MoSex Exclusive Premiere of TRPL BLK’S steamy hot new music video, DOMestic Violence.

Queefing Like A Chief

A most hilarious commentary and music video all about QUEEFS!! Awkwafina embraces the queef. You should too!

The Absolute BEST Blurred Lines Parody: Defined Lines

The greatest Blurred Lines parody of all time, brought to you by the Law Revue Girls.

Blurred Lines: Thicke Dick and A Parody

Ms. M. discusses her mixed feelings of Blurred Lines, meets Robin Thicke, speculates he does indeed have a big dick, and asks T.I. if he wants her to tear HIS ass in two. Then she chimes in on the new parody which leaves her left feeling unsatisfied.

What Is Your Favorite Word for Vagina?

Velvet sausage wallet, gaping axe wound, nob gobbler, cunt cake, cockpit, muff silk drapes, coochie, poon, hot box, lobster pot … what do you call vagina? This funny video, with music set to Bob Dylan’s Subterranean Homesick Blues, explores the many nicknames of pussy.