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If My Vagina Was A Gun

Katie Heim reads her poem, If My Vagina Were A Gun, to the Texas senate committee hearing in protest to their latest restrictive abortion bill. Ms. M. chimes in: “If only men and the leaders of this country revered, respected, and adored women the way they do their guns, we would surely have a happier nation of wives, mothers, and daughters — and guys, you would probably be getting a lot more blow jobs because of it.”

The Fetish Issue: Sitophilia, Retifism, Lactophilia, and Figging

Ms. M. tackles a shoe fetishist, a man who lactates, sitophilia, brothers who bang chicks together, and the curious question of figging.

What Is Your Favorite Word for Vagina?

Velvet sausage wallet, gaping axe wound, nob gobbler, cunt cake, cockpit, muff silk drapes, coochie, poon, hot box, lobster pot … what do you call vagina? This funny video, with music set to Bob Dylan’s Subterranean Homesick Blues, explores the many nicknames of pussy.

Happy International Women’s Day!

Ms. M. covers the fight for equality, and discusses the struggles of women around the world, while also declaring that she loves cock and is proud of it. She also shares Kakenya Ntaiya’s TED talk and the inspirational work she is doing to educate and empower girls in her country.

Virginity for Valentine’s Day // Reigniting The High Of Love // Lesbian Cuckolding

A girl wants to give her boyfriend her virginity for Valentine’s Day. A woman wants advice on how to reignite the feeling of being newly in love after six years of marriage. And a lesbian is tormented by her cuckold fantasy. Ms. M. gets personal with giving head on a plane and tranny sex.