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Fucking in 1680

Today, when you feel like exploring the depths of sexual pleasure/depravity, all you have to do is a quick Google search and chances are you’ll find someone that has already fully explored whatever filth you’re thinking about…and you’ll probably find a porn of it too (like the time I was wondering if anyone has actually […]

Handsfree Orgasms and A Reason for Dubstep

So there’s finally a point to dubstep! If you have the proper sound system and crank the bass, not only can you make hair defy gravity but, you can make a rave chick orgasm hard and fast. I wonder if this helps the dude score or if it’s counter productive – because really, it’s not […]

Porn Sex vs Real Sex: Explained With Food

This is a short, kind of brilliant, video that well…it kinda does what the title of this post will lead you to believe it does. It’s kinda like mythbusters for porn, using food. The papaya vagina kinda scares me…

Next Level Pole Dancing

It’s a rare occasion wher my mind changes and I actually feel something. This did it. It really completely changed how I see pole dancing – it’s not a sexual thing any longer but, closer to traditional (read socially accepted) dance.

Dropping Spaghetti: Horrifying Masturbation Stories Edition

I bring you hilarity from the deepest (though not darkest) recesses of the internet – 4chan. “Horror” stories about masturbation gone wrong – real stories from real (anonymous) people about the horrible and hilarious side of masturbation.